How to Whitewash Furniture & Other Wood

Whitewashed furniture looks stunning and is a fantastic way to get old furniture a second life, or modern furniture a vintage look.



White Latex Paint


White Vinegar


Paint Brush


Paint Stirring Stick



We do mean clean it.

We need to get rid of all the oils, dust and other things that accumulate on the porous surface of the wood. To do this, we will use white vinegar on a rag. Make sure you do this on every little piece that will be whitewashed.



Sand the piece of furniture until get to the actual wood. This is important, as the paint will not catch on and create the effect you want if anything is left on it.



Once you are done sanding it down, there will be dust everywhere. Dust is our absolute enemy as it will make the paint adhere to it instead of the wood and peel off very soon.

The best way to do this is to use a vacuum.



The mixture you need depends on the effect you want on your furniture.

The basic mixture is one part white latex paint and one part water. You can use up to three parts white paint to one part water. Mix a little and try it on a piece of wood to see what you like best.



With a paint brush, paint the furniture with the mixture you decided on. Remember to do it following the pattern of the wood. Apply it evenly and let it dry for a couple of minutes.



To create the wanted effect, we need a rag. This removes the excess paint on the wood and looks absolutely amazing.

Play around on a surface to see how much paint you want to wipe off and how much you’d like to leave on.

Once it look as you imagined, let it dry completely.

You can coat the paint after if you so wish, to protect the wood and the paint itself. A clear polyurethane coat will do the trick.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

9 Amazing A-list Style Luxury Bedrooms

The sources of inspiration to design a luxury bedroom are endless. Designers can spark their imagination with many exotic places or draw from other lavish times.

We have decided to show you 9 Amazing A-list Style Luxury Bedrooms so that you can put your own imagination to work and redesign your own!

Interior of a classic style bedroom in luxury villa. 3d renderin

Oh the beautiful simplicity with a French touch!

Don’t be fooled by the whiteness. The magnificence of this space comes from the gray floor in combination with the white – with gray details – of the walls and furniture and the distinctive black details on the bedside tables and shades on the lamps.

The baroque inspired furniture doesn’t overwhelm the design due to the clever use of the color white.

And, of course, the bed is simply out of this world.


We are instantly transported to a luxurious 5 star hotel when we look at this room. It has a very sexy touch to it, that we absolutely love.

It isn’t easy to use gold colors without ending up with a tacky room or a rapper’s dream bedroom. The clever use of golden tones that lean towards chocolate, does the trick here. It all blends in with the different gray tones and soft carpet. Very little actual white used here.

The furniture is simple and modern, but still distinguished.

classic bedroom

Yes, it all seems to be gold, but it isn’t. The designer, one might venture, is a genius.

First of all, the floor is clear wood, which isn’t what one expects at a mansion. It blends the golden tones of the wallpaper with white and and all sorts of tones in between.

This is a great example of an extravagant, yet down to earth look.

Luxury rococo bedroom

Leaning towards rococo, this design is over the top. The amount of patterns used on the walls, ceiling and furnitures are only viable because of the simple flooring.

Notice that there are no real focal points, as the palette of colors is basically the same throughout.

Emirates Palace Room

A much more home-like design. Not everybody’s home, of course, but nevertheless.

The mixture of arabic style arches and patterns on the wall and carpet contrast well with the greek or roman inspired columns.

The tones used are warm, and you can find blues and greens being used very tastefully.

Wonderful space.

Modern Luxury Interior

This is the first room we look at with a more common height. It proves that you do not need a room the size of a normal house and as high as two or three story building.

This room is influenced by a germanic style. The dark beans on the roof are so beautiful.

It is quite a modern look and we love the contrast between the main wall behind the beautiful canopy and the pattern on the rest of the walls.

It also has a travelers feel to it that defines the colors used.

Luxury tropical villa bedroom, Bali, Indonesia.

If you want a much more contemporary look, make yoru room magnificent by adding a huge bed with an impressive structure around it.

In this case, the white drapes that fill the room add a touch of an exotic tropical destination. Almost like you will step out of bed onto your private beach.

Interior of a classic style luxury bedroom with marble pillars

Here is a completely different approach.

The luxury i this rooms comes not from the bed itself, but from the very well selecte furniture, the beautiful flooring which contrasts with the white ceiling and gray walls and, of course, the imposing columns.

Once again, the color palette is kept to a minimum of classic colors. The lighting is awe-inspiring.

luxury bedroom interior

Last, but most definitely not least, a compact room that has no reason to envy any of the other designs we saw today.

Texture, glass, white and gray, a touch of black and a very glamorous look is the result of this dressing room, Hollywood and Marilyn Monroe inspired room.

7 Bathroom Styles to Choose From When Considering White

White bathrooms are a dream come true. Stylish, light and so very peaceful. Achieving the desired effect can be tricky, but it is far from impossible.

We’ve put together 7 Bathroom Styles to Choose From When Considering White. 


Too much white can be overwhelming.

If you want to add warmth to all the whiteness, combining it with wood is a great way to go. Notice that the wooden chair is white, but the door and mantel are actually wooden color. 

White Bathroom 001

This is an excellent look. The combination of sterile metal (almost lab like), contrasts with the glowy white tiles, sinks and bathtub. Very well put together, isn’t it?


We absolutely love the subway-tile walls. The design is quite minimalistic and light. The hanger is metal but not solid and heavy, it is light and shiny. A splash of wood makes it that much more inviting.


If you want to salvage pieces of wood you may have around, this style is perfect for you. The unfinished look instantly makes your mind travel to a barn, or a country house. I can almost hear the horses.


For a much more warm and sauna look, clad your walls with pine planks. The idea of having a bench i the bathroom seems so obvious once you see it done. You can put your clean clothes there, the ones you take off too and also sit while you dry the children, for example.


What a fun way to use that french eclectic look. We are completely in love with the combination of a white and grey, peaceful bathtub and the fun, seemingly random arrangement of the picture frames.


Mirror, mirror on the wall.

To divide the wall into a lower white tiled section that wraps around the bathtub and a higher vintage wall paper with mirrors in the same style is an amazing idea. Have fun with it!

12 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Outdoor Kitchens are  a fabulous way to take advantage of your backyard. Having BBQs with friends and family, making margaritas and even making hamburgers to celebrate birthday parties for your children.

There are many options and designs. The variety of materials that can be used is basically endless. We’ve discovered that concrete is a great materials to get these built in. They can be stained in different colors and have different textured finishes. 

We’ve put together 12 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs to help you come up with the perfect combination for yours.


 This U-shaped design is perfect for entertaining. It has a comfortable amount of space to put the meal together and a raised bar so that people can enjoy a drink or some food without bothering you.


A more open plan design is a better choice if you want to include a dining outdoor table. Notice that the way in which the guests and the cook relate has changed completely. You’ll be giving your guests the back while you are cooking. Some people like this, others not so much. 


Isn’t this rather wonderful? It is original, warm, colorful and beautifully put together. Once again, notice the raised bar for a more comfortable cooking experience. We especially like the rounded end that provides a sort of table for a romantic dinner outside. 


 Calm, classic and homey. We loves the use of wood, the color palette and the metal lamps. The amount of storage space is astonishing. This is great to keep your backyard in order. 


 If you like metal and stones, this one is for you. The stainless steel disappears in the background, letting the (probably concrete, but let’s assume it is marble) central white piece take all the attention. 


Having a small backyard doesn’t mean you cannot go all out to have an astonishing outdoor kitchen. The combination of the heavy big stones, the clean stainless steel and the white countertops is beautiful. 


 Here is a completely different style. The fusion of the zen-inspired designed dining space and furniture and the country house elements with the ever so special oven, works so elegantly. Irresistible.


A far more traditional design. The earthy colors and the attention to detail work great.


Once you get over the beautiful landscape, pay attention at that beautiful oven. IT work very well. Perfect to sit around in the colder summer nights or winter days. 


The center of attention here is clearly the beautiful flooring. It matches with the kitchen and adds to it. We are not convinced with the white columns and wooden pergola. We recommend you add some nice plants that swirl around the columns and wood!


What a beautiful combination of colors. The rounded edges and the tiles with the white edges is so calm and invites you to participate without stealing from the room.


 Here is modern and interesting option. Concrete is a great material to let your creative go wild. This is simple and takes basically no surface area away from your garden. Wonderful!

12 Incredible Mudroom Ideas with Storage Lockers & Benches

Mudrooms are such useful spaces, if you make them work for your home. It is vital to use your space very carefully to maximize the amount of storage space. Having a bench is very practical if you have the space.
We have chosen 12 designs to help inspire you to design your very own Incredible Mudroom Ideas with Storage Lockers and Benches.


 If the room available isn’t very wide, this is a great option. The white storage lockers have enough space for shoes at the bottom, to hang coats and other clothes in the middle, and even more storage space above. You can adapt it to basically any length and number of people in your home.


 For even narrower spaces, a low storage unit for shoes and simple hangers on the wall can be delightfully designed to please visually as well as maximize its functionality.


What a beautiful combination of colors. You can tell the attention to detail that has been paid here. It is balanced, full of light and yet the space isn’t very big at all.


 This is a country house style. It reminds us more of a small farm. You can see that the furniture isn’t white as the others we’ve seen so far. It has a lot of character and is more calming, homier than the really white ones.


Most outside walls have a window. In this case, they’ve taken advantage of it to create a bench area in the middle and extend the shelves upwards on the sides.


 As soon as you look at it, you think of horses, don’t you?

Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also smart. Notice that the shoes are actually on the floor, under a shelf, so that it is easier to clean. The space to hang clothes is hidden behind magnificent doors to make it all look tidy all the time.


 Sometimes mudrooms are also used as laundry rooms, or vice versa. Here is a very nice solution to have both places share the space in an organized and attractive manner.


 On the other hand, sometimes adding a small office space into the mudroom is a very good way to maximize the use of space. Nowadays, more and more of us work from home and having a few small but luminous spaces where one can study, read or work, scattered around the house is very useful.


 Using certain colors with specific materials, you can achieve a grand variety of effects. In this mudroom, a clear barn or farm style has been achieved. And yet, there is something luxurious about it.


 Sometimes an entrance hall doesn’t seem to have any viable space to have a proper mudroom. In most cases, however, it is usually just lack of imagination. Think outside the box and take advantage of all walls. Think carefully about the type of floor you choose.

We love the warmth the wood surfaces give off when combined with the white of the rest of the furniture. 


 Designing your own mudroom is a renowned opportunity to recycle old pieces of wood. You can use parts of old furniture and combine it with more contemporary pieces to create spaces like the one above.


 Lastly, but not least, we have an example of a completely – except for a small ledge that doubles as a bench – closed off piece of furniture. It looks a lot like a locker room, but the dark wood somehow make it all work.