9 Amazing A-list Style Luxury Bedrooms

The sources of inspiration to design a luxury bedroom are endless. Designers can spark their imagination with many exotic places or draw from other lavish times.

We have decided to show you 9 Amazing A-list Style Luxury Bedrooms so that you can put your own imagination to work and redesign your own!

Interior of a classic style bedroom in luxury villa. 3d renderin

Oh the beautiful simplicity with a French touch!

Don’t be fooled by the whiteness. The magnificence of this space comes from the gray floor in combination with the white – with gray details – of the walls and furniture and the distinctive black details on the bedside tables and shades on the lamps.

The baroque inspired furniture doesn’t overwhelm the design due to the clever use of the color white.

And, of course, the bed is simply out of this world.


We are instantly transported to a luxurious 5 star hotel when we look at this room. It has a very sexy touch to it, that we absolutely love.

It isn’t easy to use gold colors without ending up with a tacky room or a rapper’s dream bedroom. The clever use of golden tones that lean towards chocolate, does the trick here. It all blends in with the different gray tones and soft carpet. Very little actual white used here.

The furniture is simple and modern, but still distinguished.

classic bedroom

Yes, it all seems to be gold, but it isn’t. The designer, one might venture, is a genius.

First of all, the floor is clear wood, which isn’t what one expects at a mansion. It blends the golden tones of the wallpaper with white and and all sorts of tones in between.

This is a great example of an extravagant, yet down to earth look.

Luxury rococo bedroom

Leaning towards rococo, this design is over the top. The amount of patterns used on the walls, ceiling and furnitures are only viable because of the simple flooring.

Notice that there are no real focal points, as the palette of colors is basically the same throughout.

Emirates Palace Room

A much more home-like design. Not everybody’s home, of course, but nevertheless.

The mixture of arabic style arches and patterns on the wall and carpet contrast well with the greek or roman inspired columns.

The tones used are warm, and you can find blues and greens being used very tastefully.

Wonderful space.

Modern Luxury Interior

This is the first room we look at with a more common height. It proves that you do not need a room the size of a normal house and as high as two or three story building.

This room is influenced by a germanic style. The dark beans on the roof are so beautiful.

It is quite a modern look and we love the contrast between the main wall behind the beautiful canopy and the pattern on the rest of the walls.

It also has a travelers feel to it that defines the colors used.

Luxury tropical villa bedroom, Bali, Indonesia.

If you want a much more contemporary look, make yoru room magnificent by adding a huge bed with an impressive structure around it.

In this case, the white drapes that fill the room add a touch of an exotic tropical destination. Almost like you will step out of bed onto your private beach.

Interior of a classic style luxury bedroom with marble pillars

Here is a completely different approach.

The luxury i this rooms comes not from the bed itself, but from the very well selecte furniture, the beautiful flooring which contrasts with the white ceiling and gray walls and, of course, the imposing columns.

Once again, the color palette is kept to a minimum of classic colors. The lighting is awe-inspiring.

luxury bedroom interior

Last, but most definitely not least, a compact room that has no reason to envy any of the other designs we saw today.

Texture, glass, white and gray, a touch of black and a very glamorous look is the result of this dressing room, Hollywood and Marilyn Monroe inspired room.

7 Amazing Kitchens With Islands

We all wish we had huge kitchens with immense islands and enough space around to run a race.

Most of us, however, do not have this luxury.

What we can do, is look at other people’s fantastically fabulous kitchens and spark your creativity!

Luxury kitchen with white cabinetry

Isn’t this kitchen simply grand? The amount of storage space is unbelievable. Even the fridge and dishwasher are tucked away in beautiful cabinets.

The lightness of the white cabinets, walls and ceilings contrast with the black marble top – the sink stays white – and the mahogany island with a white countertop.

The lamps are absolutely fantastic. Distinguished enough to fit in, while being light and sort of raw. Notice the blue window frames.

Kitchen with double deck island

This kitchen adds warmth by having cream colored walls with tiles and using gray marble on all countertops.

The details on the cabinets are so refined and yet grounded, lovely effect. The work on the island is impressive and the lamps link everything together.

Kitchen with white cabinetry

Here’s a twist on a similar style. The floor is wooden, adding a more informal, or family home look. The combination of colored woods work so well. The island and tools are so elegant, it almost feels like a work of art.

Note that the formal hanging lamps are accompanied by lights in the roof, giving it all a more modern feel.

How beautiful the sink is.

Ultra modern kitchen

Turning 180 degrees. This is a very modern, masculine and stylish look.

The stainless steel is textured, except for the countertops, so they aren’t as shiny. This matte look contrasts delightfully with the hanging lamps and the brown glossy floor.

There are basically no curves and there is a great sense of symmetry and balance.

Domestic kitchen interior

From a very masculine design, to a more feminine but still minimalistic design.

The color palette is very simple: white and grays with a touch of beige: stainless steel, granite, metal appliances and lamps and white cabinet with a thick gray frame. The beige textured marble (maybe concrete?) wall adds warmth.

The attention to detail really brings it all together. Notice that the extractor has the same cylindrical design as the lamps.

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior

This is certainly not a minimalistic design choice. It is rather an eclectic one.

The white cabinets and moulding are very stylish and contrast well with the stainless steel appliances. The countertops have a very reflective finish that fits with the appliance well.

The island is brown mahogany. It stands out enough to draw attention, and still somehow manages to suit.

We absolutely love the two central lamps. Gorgeous.

Elegant kitchen with black marble island

Isn’t this island superb? It is a fantastic choice for big families. You can cook and present breakfast and still have the children eating at the end of it.

The choice of color is so gracious. The cabinets and island are in the same color. The countertops are dark green, as are the chairs and work very well with the wooden floor and plants.

The white ceiling and moulding make it almost disappear and the warm wall color.

We love the tiles with the rooster and the stylish black and glass hanging lamps.