12 Incredible Mudroom Ideas with Storage Lockers & Benches

Mudrooms are such useful spaces, if you make them work for your home. It is vital to use your space very carefully to maximize the amount of storage space. Having a bench is very practical if you have the space.
We have chosen 12 designs to help inspire you to design your very own Incredible Mudroom Ideas with Storage Lockers and Benches.


 If the room available isn’t very wide, this is a great option. The white storage lockers have enough space for shoes at the bottom, to hang coats and other clothes in the middle, and even more storage space above. You can adapt it to basically any length and number of people in your home.


 For even narrower spaces, a low storage unit for shoes and simple hangers on the wall can be delightfully designed to please visually as well as maximize its functionality.


What a beautiful combination of colors. You can tell the attention to detail that has been paid here. It is balanced, full of light and yet the space isn’t very big at all.


 This is a country house style. It reminds us more of a small farm. You can see that the furniture isn’t white as the others we’ve seen so far. It has a lot of character and is more calming, homier than the really white ones.


Most outside walls have a window. In this case, they’ve taken advantage of it to create a bench area in the middle and extend the shelves upwards on the sides.


 As soon as you look at it, you think of horses, don’t you?

Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also smart. Notice that the shoes are actually on the floor, under a shelf, so that it is easier to clean. The space to hang clothes is hidden behind magnificent doors to make it all look tidy all the time.


 Sometimes mudrooms are also used as laundry rooms, or vice versa. Here is a very nice solution to have both places share the space in an organized and attractive manner.


 On the other hand, sometimes adding a small office space into the mudroom is a very good way to maximize the use of space. Nowadays, more and more of us work from home and having a few small but luminous spaces where one can study, read or work, scattered around the house is very useful.


 Using certain colors with specific materials, you can achieve a grand variety of effects. In this mudroom, a clear barn or farm style has been achieved. And yet, there is something luxurious about it.


 Sometimes an entrance hall doesn’t seem to have any viable space to have a proper mudroom. In most cases, however, it is usually just lack of imagination. Think outside the box and take advantage of all walls. Think carefully about the type of floor you choose.

We love the warmth the wood surfaces give off when combined with the white of the rest of the furniture. 


 Designing your own mudroom is a renowned opportunity to recycle old pieces of wood. You can use parts of old furniture and combine it with more contemporary pieces to create spaces like the one above.


 Lastly, but not least, we have an example of a completely – except for a small ledge that doubles as a bench – closed off piece of furniture. It looks a lot like a locker room, but the dark wood somehow make it all work.