How to Whitewash Furniture & Other Wood

Whitewashed furniture looks stunning and is a fantastic way to get old furniture a second life, or modern furniture a vintage look.



White Latex Paint


White Vinegar


Paint Brush


Paint Stirring Stick



We do mean clean it.

We need to get rid of all the oils, dust and other things that accumulate on the porous surface of the wood. To do this, we will use white vinegar on a rag. Make sure you do this on every little piece that will be whitewashed.



Sand the piece of furniture until get to the actual wood. This is important, as the paint will not catch on and create the effect you want if anything is left on it.



Once you are done sanding it down, there will be dust everywhere. Dust is our absolute enemy as it will make the paint adhere to it instead of the wood and peel off very soon.

The best way to do this is to use a vacuum.



The mixture you need depends on the effect you want on your furniture.

The basic mixture is one part white latex paint and one part water. You can use up to three parts white paint to one part water. Mix a little and try it on a piece of wood to see what you like best.



With a paint brush, paint the furniture with the mixture you decided on. Remember to do it following the pattern of the wood. Apply it evenly and let it dry for a couple of minutes.



To create the wanted effect, we need a rag. This removes the excess paint on the wood and looks absolutely amazing.

Play around on a surface to see how much paint you want to wipe off and how much you’d like to leave on.

Once it look as you imagined, let it dry completely.

You can coat the paint after if you so wish, to protect the wood and the paint itself. A clear polyurethane coat will do the trick.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

7 Amazing Kitchens With Islands

We all wish we had huge kitchens with immense islands and enough space around to run a race.

Most of us, however, do not have this luxury.

What we can do, is look at other people’s fantastically fabulous kitchens and spark your creativity!

Luxury kitchen with white cabinetry

Isn’t this kitchen simply grand? The amount of storage space is unbelievable. Even the fridge and dishwasher are tucked away in beautiful cabinets.

The lightness of the white cabinets, walls and ceilings contrast with the black marble top – the sink stays white – and the mahogany island with a white countertop.

The lamps are absolutely fantastic. Distinguished enough to fit in, while being light and sort of raw. Notice the blue window frames.

Kitchen with double deck island

This kitchen adds warmth by having cream colored walls with tiles and using gray marble on all countertops.

The details on the cabinets are so refined and yet grounded, lovely effect. The work on the island is impressive and the lamps link everything together.

Kitchen with white cabinetry

Here’s a twist on a similar style. The floor is wooden, adding a more informal, or family home look. The combination of colored woods work so well. The island and tools are so elegant, it almost feels like a work of art.

Note that the formal hanging lamps are accompanied by lights in the roof, giving it all a more modern feel.

How beautiful the sink is.

Ultra modern kitchen

Turning 180 degrees. This is a very modern, masculine and stylish look.

The stainless steel is textured, except for the countertops, so they aren’t as shiny. This matte look contrasts delightfully with the hanging lamps and the brown glossy floor.

There are basically no curves and there is a great sense of symmetry and balance.

Domestic kitchen interior

From a very masculine design, to a more feminine but still minimalistic design.

The color palette is very simple: white and grays with a touch of beige: stainless steel, granite, metal appliances and lamps and white cabinet with a thick gray frame. The beige textured marble (maybe concrete?) wall adds warmth.

The attention to detail really brings it all together. Notice that the extractor has the same cylindrical design as the lamps.

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior

This is certainly not a minimalistic design choice. It is rather an eclectic one.

The white cabinets and moulding are very stylish and contrast well with the stainless steel appliances. The countertops have a very reflective finish that fits with the appliance well.

The island is brown mahogany. It stands out enough to draw attention, and still somehow manages to suit.

We absolutely love the two central lamps. Gorgeous.

Elegant kitchen with black marble island

Isn’t this island superb? It is a fantastic choice for big families. You can cook and present breakfast and still have the children eating at the end of it.

The choice of color is so gracious. The cabinets and island are in the same color. The countertops are dark green, as are the chairs and work very well with the wooden floor and plants.

The white ceiling and moulding make it almost disappear and the warm wall color.

We love the tiles with the rooster and the stylish black and glass hanging lamps.

20 Easy Kitchen Updates

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about textures, use of colors, materials and design in general. Let your imagination go wild before you restrain it by thinking about the budget and real possibilities. There is usually a cheaper way to achieve the same effect. Let yourself go!

To help you come up with the perfect design for your Easy Kitchen Update!


 There is such a grand variety of materials, textures and colors to use nowadays. Combining them to create contrast can be very interesting. It also helps separate, unconsciously, a space into clear different areas. 


Give yourself a treat. There are cheaper and good versions of everything nowadays. You can achieve incredible effects. Give yourself a treat and get a real marble countertop, for example. Enjoy the process, it is for you.


 Kitchens are also a fabulous place to decorate because you can display all sorts of collections. Whether it is framed images of food, all types of jars, tiny bottles of liquor or anything else that might interest you. Displaying your objects will also free up storage space, which is always handy. 


Strong contrasts can be used to your advantage. Notice that the upper cabinets have glass on the doors to display what is inside. This gives the dark cabinets a lighter look than if it was solid.


A coat of paint and new knobs, pulls and hinges can give your seemingly old cabinets a refreshing new look. 


 If too many cabinets stresses you out, here is an original way to dealing with them. The creamy color on the white wall makes it all very light. The plate rack is so beautiful. The black countertops catches your attention at once.


If you want to give yourself a treat, get yourself one of these amazingly large industrials stoves. Cooking has never been more luxurious. 


 The warm barnwood beams look stunning with the dark modern lamps. Some kitchen islands end up looking sterile or cold, this proves that it doesn’t have to be. 


 White is our best friend, especially when combined with black knobs and wooden countertops. Classic and lovely all at once.


 There are so many different objects in a kitchen. Don’t let the opportunity to do amazing recycling projects, pass you by. In this case, the lamps were made with antique milk-glasses.


 Cups and plates are so colorful and fun nowadays, that it is a shame to keep them in closed cabinets. Here is a way to display them all.


 Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Different style furniture can be combined with colors and themes to make it all come together.


Any piece of material or furniture can become the inspiration for your kitchen update. This kitchen even used pennies as tiles!


 Don’t be afraid to mix modern and classic. The classic country style white cabinets and the wooden island work well with the modern appliances.


 The devil is in the details. Well, actually, your personality can be in the details. Don’t think you need to make big changes to add your own style. Sometimes, smaller unique and original details are all that is needed.


 Sinks come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. We have to say though, the extra deep farmhouse sink is our absolute favorite.


Color. Color is in and can be used very wisely. If you like old 50s style, this one is for you!


 Of course, certain features apply to all rooms. An accent wall or rich wall, can add character and warmth to your kitchen.


 If you have enough space in your kitchen, adding a small window seat or space where your friends and family can sit down with you while you cook. Or vice versa! 


The island in this kitchen is made with a repurposed cast-off hardware-store counter. The whole kitchen comes together wonderfully.

12 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Outdoor Kitchens are  a fabulous way to take advantage of your backyard. Having BBQs with friends and family, making margaritas and even making hamburgers to celebrate birthday parties for your children.

There are many options and designs. The variety of materials that can be used is basically endless. We’ve discovered that concrete is a great materials to get these built in. They can be stained in different colors and have different textured finishes. 

We’ve put together 12 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs to help you come up with the perfect combination for yours.


 This U-shaped design is perfect for entertaining. It has a comfortable amount of space to put the meal together and a raised bar so that people can enjoy a drink or some food without bothering you.


A more open plan design is a better choice if you want to include a dining outdoor table. Notice that the way in which the guests and the cook relate has changed completely. You’ll be giving your guests the back while you are cooking. Some people like this, others not so much. 


Isn’t this rather wonderful? It is original, warm, colorful and beautifully put together. Once again, notice the raised bar for a more comfortable cooking experience. We especially like the rounded end that provides a sort of table for a romantic dinner outside. 


 Calm, classic and homey. We loves the use of wood, the color palette and the metal lamps. The amount of storage space is astonishing. This is great to keep your backyard in order. 


 If you like metal and stones, this one is for you. The stainless steel disappears in the background, letting the (probably concrete, but let’s assume it is marble) central white piece take all the attention. 


Having a small backyard doesn’t mean you cannot go all out to have an astonishing outdoor kitchen. The combination of the heavy big stones, the clean stainless steel and the white countertops is beautiful. 


 Here is a completely different style. The fusion of the zen-inspired designed dining space and furniture and the country house elements with the ever so special oven, works so elegantly. Irresistible.


A far more traditional design. The earthy colors and the attention to detail work great.


Once you get over the beautiful landscape, pay attention at that beautiful oven. IT work very well. Perfect to sit around in the colder summer nights or winter days. 


The center of attention here is clearly the beautiful flooring. It matches with the kitchen and adds to it. We are not convinced with the white columns and wooden pergola. We recommend you add some nice plants that swirl around the columns and wood!


What a beautiful combination of colors. The rounded edges and the tiles with the white edges is so calm and invites you to participate without stealing from the room.


 Here is modern and interesting option. Concrete is a great material to let your creative go wild. This is simple and takes basically no surface area away from your garden. Wonderful!