10 Finished Basement “Man Cave” Designs

You only have one basement. You only get one Man Cave. You must get it right.
The variety of design is impressive and you are only limited by your imagination. Well, and your budget!
Here are 10 Finished Basements Man Cave Designs!


This is an extremely nice basement. It has a pool, a bar area with a small TV, a lounge area with a huge TV and a nice cozy fire. The color palette is very manly: metal chrome, clear wood, black and blue.


Getting that sports bar look has never been easier. A few TVs, a good manly table and a bar is all you really need. The extra high table with a couple of chair certainly adds to the authentic look. Lighting is very important, plan it well. 


Warm colors, wood, a carpet and a travelling theme: railroad signs, surf boards and exotic decorating pieces. Could it be any more inviting?


This Man Cave seems to be designs to drink martinis. Doesn’t it?

Cool, sexy and waiting to host great parties. 


What a fantastic example of a warm and original space filled with memorabilia and a touch of personality.


If you are looking for a gothic or germanic look, this one is for you! It even has a gym. 


Clean, masculine and minimalistic. Mixing steel, granite with black and silver and the perfect lighting to do with it. We love the beer dispenser and menu board!


Stylish, retro and elegant. It is so simple. the trick is not to buy much, but to get the right things. Notice the combination of colors and the fantastic details of the mirror and decoration.


This is definitely a grown up’s basement: wood, bar, elegant lights, poker table and roulette too! What else do you need?


 Sophisticated with a very clever way of exhibiting wine and a minimalistic yet warm use of stone and marble. Great to entertain!