12 Grand Living Room Interior Designs

Living rooms are essential to the use of a home. They are at the center of activity, along with the kitchen. Most of your memories with friends, partners and family are made here.

If you are thinking of redecorating, or simply want to enjoy a little daydreaming, you have come to the right place. We’ve put together 12 Grand Living Room Interior Designs to inspire you today!


 Minimalistic, warm and clean. The contrast between the big, tall space and the low furniture makes it feel so calming. The light that comes in through the beautiful window with the creamy brown and beige work perfectly and the carpet with the wooden floor is just magnificent. 


For a more intellectual, hip look, do something like this. The bookshelf and the carpet seem to be fighting over the attention that the mustard colored chair naturally attracts. A bit sterile, a bit homey, it is perfect for a young adult’s apartment in a big city.


A much warmer, homelier look but still fresh, this living room combines it all. The shades of blue and grey are inviting. The warmth of the wood with the freshness of the plant and white doors, work so well with the carpet. A great place to make memories.


Maybe a citric, futuristic style if what you are looking for. The use of bold colors will certainly cause an impression on your guests. It works well for smaller living rooms and people who like gadgets.


 Minimum decoration, clean white walls, warm bold colors and a great dark lamp in the center. This perfectly balanced living room will definitely spark your imagination.


 Luxury. Luxury everywhere. This classic style is so luxurious, and yet not overwhelming. Certainly impressive.


 Many apartments are being built now that are very long and sort of narrow, with the living room at one end and the bedroom at the other. They are small, but full of light and this design is perfect for them.


White, modern and extravagant, yet minimalistic. We love the distinguished use of white and the curves make it so original. The office space at a higher level gives it enough privacy to work, and still feel part of the living room.


For a sophisticated look that you can probably put together with Ikea furniture, this is the way to go. The furniture is simple and cozy. The striped carpet adds character and works very nicely with the texture of the round couch.


Bachelorette pads usually combine white and a glossy black. This is a very tasteful example. Young males seem to really enjoy the high contrast and consider it to be stylish and distinguished.


We absolutely love this combination of colors and materials. Warm, inviting and fun. I immediately pictured a young family, children and of course, a beige or brown dog. 


 Red, black and white. The black frames on windows and doors, along with the dark accentuated wall and the beautiful pattern on the white wall embrace the sensual red, while it is all refreshed by white. Delightful.



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