10 Professionally Decorated Master Bedroom Designs

After a long, stressful and full day, nothing compares to entering your sanctuary. Going into that special place where silence reigns and you can reconnect with your calm, inner peace.
That would be the dream, anyway. For those of you whose bedrooms do not achieve this, here is a compilation of 10 Professionally Decorated Master Bedroom Designs.


An absolute fantastic combination of beige and creamy tones. The dark furniture stresses the importance of the bed and other furniture. It all comes perfectly together with the astonishing glass-paned French Doors.


Combining a strong chocolate brown in a four post bed with natural wood floor and these beautiful wrought iron stand lamps is so pleasing.


This design proposes a much lighter and greener experience. The soft white and textures, combined with the plants and the green toned walls is so relaxing it almost feel like you are on holiday.


 Using patterns to put an accent on certain pieces of furniture is a great technique if you want to keep the color palette simple. In this case, navy blue, gold and white work very well with the patterns chosen.


 Here is another example of clever pattern use. The color palette couldn’t be more traditional, and yet the patterns add that extra cozy, warm and inviting feeling while keeping it clean and fresh.


 For a more modern city loft feel, here is a great use of color. By using two colors like orange, which immediately catches your attention and blue, calming you, it achieves a nice balance.


 For a more exotic feel, animal print colors can be used. Notice how the earthy colors add a groundness to the space that is balanced by the white window frame and light coming in through it.


 Materials are very important when designing. This wicker framed bed works very well with the wooden floor and the specially chosen carpet. The white bed, lounge chair and curtains add a softness and style that is hard to resist.


 If you are looking for a colonial, exotic traveling destination look, here is a great inspiration. Notice the plants, the color palette and beautiful materials. Most importantly, what a gorgeous bed.


Gorgeous desert inspired color palette. They work so well with the wicker ottoman and we love that the bed has no posts. It all works so well.



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